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This Redness-Reducing Concealer Has Over 12,000 Five-Star Reviews

Do you deal with acne, scars, rosacea, or red patches? This well-reviewed green concealer will take you from flushed to fabulous. It’s the depths of winter, and that means many of us are suffering from winter skin: we’re dry, we’re chapped, and we may be prone to redness. Of course, some people (particularly those of us on the paler end of the melanin spectrum) don’t need winter to experience red patches on our skin.

What Does “Ms.” Stand For?

What does Ms. stand for? Despite the period, it's not an abbreviation! Here's the real answer, and why it's important in women's history. You’ve probably seen it on a form, or maybe even used it yourself, but you may still be wondering: What does Ms. stand for? Without context, grouping the letters “MS” have a variety of meanings. As a choice acronym example, they show that someone completed a Master of Science degree. When written after a place name or on the front of an envelope, the two lett

50 Best Tinder Pick Up Lines

You swiped right, they swiped right... now what?! It's time for a Tinder pick up line, and these are the openers to maximize your matches. Ah, Tinder pick-up lines. They say you only get one opportunity to make a first impression, and on a fast-paced dog-eat-dog app like Tinder, that’s definitely true. You probably don’t want your first impression to be “Hey,” so you turn to the old faithful: cheesy pick up lines. Except some people are lactose-intolerant. What’s a singleton to do? Maybe you ca